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Chartered Institute of Administration (CIA)

The institute is a Federal Government recognized professional and examining body chartered by Federal Government Act No 103, published in the Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette No. 76 Vol.79 of 31 December, 1992. The Act empowers the institute to regulate the training and the practice of administration within a professional membership framework throughout Nigeria. There is no direct membership in the institute as membership is strictly by passing the institute professional examination, the ACIA {Associate of the Chartered institute of Administration}, and satisfying the practical experience requirement.

Under the Act recognizing it, the institute has the main objective of promoting the science and techniques of management and administration. To achieve its objective, the Act empowers the institute to:

  1. determine what standards of knowledge and skill are to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the profession and improving those standards from time to time as circumstances may permit;
  2. encourage, advance, disseminate knowledge, education, practical training, and research into the profession;
  3. conduct examination in the profession and award certificates or diplomas to successful candidates as appropriate;
  4. formulate exacting standards of competence and conduct, and exercise discipline to uphold the highest ethical standards;
  5. generally seek to promote its skills for the benefits of industrial and business efficiency, economy and productivity;

The institute is an independent body, entirely self-financing, and is governed by a council of members including a representative of the Honorable Minister of Education, whose work is supported by a number of standing committees and a permanent staff.

Benefits of ACIA Qualification:

Dynamic Career
ACIA, an industrially relevant multi-disciplinary professional qualification, with pragmatic and rigorous curricula, is structured to meet the challenges of  professional administration in the new millennium and beyond.

ACIA guarantees members of the profession dynamic career opportunities at the top echelon of management in all sectors of the economy; and by rigid application of its strict code professional ethics the institute assures the society the highest level of professionalism by its members.

Public Professional Practice
Above all, ACIA empowers members holding valid practicing license issued by the governing Council of the institute to establish their own thriving consultancy firms as Chartered Administration in public practice in a variety of professional administration specialisms; thus making them employers of labour, and not employment seekers.

It is a serious offence punishable by law any person, irrespective of whatever qualification he may have, to engage himself as a Chartered Administration in Public Practice without being a Chartered Member of the institute holding a valid practicing license issued by the Governing Council of the institute.

The institute organizes regular workshops, conferences and seminars under the auspices of its Continuing Membership Education and Training {COMET} scheme. The general objective is to constantly update the professional skills of Administrators in the light of new knowledge and latest development in management practice and techniques. Details of the courses are obtainable free of charge from the Corporate Affairs Officer at the National Secretariat.

ACIA Final Professional Qualification in (i) Corporate Administration, and (ii) Financial Administration.

Foundation Level

    • Accounting Fundamentals
    • Economics & Business Mathematics
    • Managing People
    • Marketing Fundamentals
    • Organizational Framework
    • Purchasing & Supply Fundamentals

Intermediate Level

    • Accounting Practice
    • Business & Corporate Law
    • Business Finance
    • Information & Communication Strategy
    • Management Accounting Fundamentals
    • Organizational Management

Final Level

PP1: General Administration Practice (Compulsory)

    • Operation Management
    • Information & Communication Strategy
    • Public Sector Accounting & Finance
    • Public Administration
    • Project & Contract Management
    • Tax Administration

PP2:  General Administration Practice (Compulsory)

    • Business Strategy
    • Financial Strategy
    • Entrepreneurial Development
    • Management Accounting Techniques
    • Management Consultancy
    • Performance Management

PP3A:  Corporate Administration Practice (Specialization)

    • Distribution & Logistics Management
    • Human Resource and Industrial Relations Management
    • Marketing Communications Strategy
    • Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
    • Stores & Inventory Management
    • Strategic marketing Management

PP3B:  Financial Administration Practice (Specialization)

    • Credit Administration
    • Financial Reporting
    • Mortgage and International Finance
    • Capital Markets Strategy
    • Pension Administration
    • Trust Administration


DBS Professional Diploma in Business Studies of the Chartered Institute of Administration (CIA).


    • Accounting Process
    • Business Mathematics
    • Business law
    • Communication In English
    • Economics For Business
    • Organizational Framework


    • Accounting Techniques
    • Business Communication
    • Cost Accounting
    • Management Information Systems
    • Office Management
    • Research Techniques


    • Business Financial framework
    • Marketing Principles
    • Management Principles
    • Personnel Management
    • Production & Supply Principles
    • Public Administration Principles


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